Hair Dye Removal Tips

All commercial hair dye color stain removers can be applied before coloring as a stain block or shield in addition to removing hair color stains on the skin afterwards. Follow the directions carefully on the hair dye stain remover product and avoid contact with your eyes and mouth. It is best to prevent hair dye stains as much as possible by wearing rubber gloves and applying the dye carefully as accidents do happen particularly around the forehead.
Wiping off any spilled dye quickly will often prevent the dye from coloring your skin. You will then need to apply a commercial hair dye stain remover to a dry cloth to massage away any remaining stubborn stains.

It is best to take certain precautions before you start applying hair color dye. As hair coloring can be messy especially when done at home it is advisable to protect your hairline, neck, and other areas prone to staining. Ideally color stain shields should be used before you start the hair dyeing process. If the color does drip onto unprotected areas, wipe it off quickly with a towelette. You may have to use more than one towelette or wipe for treating stubborn stains by applying it across the stain which breaks down the dye making it easier to wash off.
Never risk going to extremes trying to remove hair dye from your skin. Be careful when applying the hair dye stain shield near the roots of your hairline to ensure the color gets through. No nearer than a quarter of an inch from the roots of your hairline is ideal.